Laurie Mort

After a near-death automobile accident, Healer Laurie Mort began her personal healing transformation. Her discovery of yoga and meditation has not only alleviated her physical pain and prevented her from living life in a wheelchair, but given purpose. In 2004, Laurie opened Inner Strength Yoga and Healing Center, where her compassionate teaching style allows her to awaken her students while continuing her own personal path to well-being.

Laurie is a certified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance, a Reiki Master, and a Shin-Rai-Healing® Master. She is also trained in healing touch, and as a Divine Peace Healing practitioner.

Cindy Marks

I have been a gifted psychic all of my life. I do channeling, which means that I use my psychic and intuitive abilities to see the past, present, and future by tuning into the spirit energy that surrounds you. I also am a medium, which means that I can connect with loved ones that have passed over onto the other side.  It is through the channeling, and mediumship that I have also been able to help others on missing person cases.

Intuitively I work on all levels of medical and emotional healing – through your body, mind and spirit – because dis-ease affects the whole person.

The insight I receive is passed along to you to give you specific helpful information and raise your awareness about some area of your life. Along with the specific information there is generally a new awareness that instigates wholeness and transformative healing.