Healers Training Program

Shin-Rai-Healing® is an innovative healing modality combining advanced hands-on energy work and intuitive messaging. Shin-Rai practitioners serve as a gateway to peace by holding space and witnessing the unfolding of those they serve.

Our program is designed to awaken students to their limitless power by discovering and healing their own wounds. Internal transformation is the catalyst to becoming a practitioner, as one cannot teach what he does not understand. Students will learn both the practical techniques and intuitive cues necessary for Shin-Rai-Healing.

If you are interested in Shin-Rai-Healing Training, the transformation begins with the application process. Contact us.

Benefits of Becoming a Shin-Rai-Healing® Practitioner

  • Be a catalyst of profound awakening in others
  • Become an agent of transformation, healing and self-empowerment
  • Become attuned to identifying physical and emotional blocks in others
  • Embrace a higher energy source comprised of awareness and healing

For Current Shin-Rai-Healing® Students

  • Current healers in training can access homework and assignments by clicking the button below.